Urban Sweat Admittance & Packages


The active relaxation center was created for active utilization throughout an individual's stay-cation.


Urban Sweat is a heated, holistic healing immersion experience. 

With six unique styles of saunas and steam rooms, you are sure to draw out impurities, toxins, and reduce stress levels.

The authentic nature of the heated circuit tends to induce a blissful, dreamy state that may require intermittent rest. 

We have created a euphoric relaxation space that welcomes sleep, meditation, or hypnotic rest.


Whisper Policy

As part of our Commitment to your Health and Relaxation Experience we ask you as a valued guest and member to respect our Whisper Policy. Anything louder than a whisper is to LOUD. We have intentionally threaded silence and the respect for a quiet environment into our Urban Sweat Relaxation Experience.

We encourage you to use this time for quiet reflection and inner silence so that all participants can explore the opportunity for Rest, Relaxation, and Optimal Health.


Enhance your relaxation experience with a delicious, fresh pressed Raffa Real Food Juice or Detox beverage.

Our boutique offers a generous variety of yoga, holistic, and wellness minded books for purchase, that compliment a

restorative Spa Day. Relax, Unwind, Enjoy!


Upon entrance to Urban Sweat, a spacious room dedicated to

active relaxation is laid out for enjoyment, inclusive of two heated

aqua lounges, and over two-dozen Sumo relaxation bags.

The experience encourages you to drink plenty of water when

moving through the rooms to replenish the body. The experience

includes complimentary chilled lemon and cucumber water. 




Origin: Turkey

Temperature: 105°F

Humidity: 65%

Active Ingredient: Eucalyptus

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Origin: Greece

Temperature: 140°F

Humidity: 100%

Active Ingredient: Eucalyptus

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Origin:  India 

Temperature: 160°F

Humidity: 0%

Active Ingredient: Curcumin 

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Origin: India

Temperature:  90° - 120°F 

Humidity: 40% 

Active Ingredient: 18,000 lbs of Himalayan rock salt imported from Pakistan 

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Origin: China

Temperature: 180°F

Humidity: 0%

Active Ingredient: Medicinal Grade Black Charcoal 

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Origin: Finland 

Temperature: 180°F - 200°F

Humidity: 0%

Active Ingredient: Lola

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Urban Sweat Etiquette


What do I bring?

A towel because we can't guarantee availability of extra towels. Breathable clothing such as a cotton t-shirt/tank and shorts to sweat in Flip flops or sandals to walk around in locker rooms. 

Where do I put my belongings?

We provide you a digitally locked locker for all your belongings. Raffa is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. We recommend leaving valuable items at home.   

Why should I experience Urban Sweat?

There are numerous benefits to sweating regularly. Sweating is a natural form of detoxification that helps the body to free itself from contaminants, resulting in weight loss, brighter skin, deeper sleep, and increased energy. Sweating also helps boost endorphins, alleviate migraines, and soothe muscle soreness. It strengthens immunity, and assists with mood improvement, stress relief, and hormone balance. Basically, sweating releases the bad stuff, so you can focus on the good stuff.   

How long should I be in Urban Sweat?

We recommend a minimum of 3 hours to truly unwind and allow the benefits of the various rooms in Urban Sweat to work its magic on your mind, body and spirit. If you can allow yourself the full day (4 hours or more) in Urban Sweat, DO IT! We all have spent 4 hours or more stressing out, being anxious, being sad or being overwhelmed. 4 hours of being unplugged from the world in a state of calm, relaxation and quiet should not be alarming.   

Should I eat before Urban Sweat?

Yes, we advise against sweating on an empty stomach, but we also recommend not arriving immediately after a heavy meal. Eating light, fresh food prior to your appointment is best. Salty foods tend to be better than sweet foods, drinking plenty of water is always a must.   

Why is hydration so important?

We want you to feel awesome. Your body needs plenty of water to function optimally, so you’ll always feel your best when you are hydrated. When you sweat in Urban Sweat, your body uses water to flush out toxins and other waste materials, and the more water you have to use, the more productive your sweat will be. It’s also important to replenish the water that you sweat out, so that you walk away feeling vibrant, refreshed, and hydrated.   

New to Urban Sweat?

Create a new client profile online to save time and avoid the line. Please arrive 15 minutes before your Urban Sweat experience to acclimate yourself to the facility.   Fill out and print the new client form (click link below) and bring it with you!

If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, please cancel the appointment 24 hours in advance. In the case of an emergency, I will call ASAP to reschedule my appointment. If I miss a scheduled appointment without giving 24-hour notice, you agree to pay the missed appointment fee that applies. 

New Client FOrm

Urban Sweat Hours

Entrance is not available one hour before closing.  

  • Sat & Sun  10:00 am - 7:00 pm 
  • Mon - Fri  10:00 am - 9:00 pm 

*Hours are subject to change during the summer months (and all national holidays) at the discretion of the Raffa Active Relaxation Center.