Whisper Policy

As part of our Commitment to your Health and Relaxation Experience we ask you as a valued guest and member to respect our Whisper Policy.  Anything louder than a whisper is too LOUD. We have intentionally threaded silence and the respect for a quiet environment into our Urban Sweat Relaxation Experience. 

We encourage you to use this time for quiet reflection and inner silence so that all participants can explore the opportunity for Rest, Relaxation, and Optimal Health.


We recommend that you take this experience as an opportunity to fully relax, and give yourself a break from your phone. Your phone can be left in the lockers provided.

  • You should dress in comfortable, casual clothing, like shorts or a t-shirt. We suggest more cotton, less lycra, breathable fabrics.
  • We can provide clothing in limited sizes and availability for you, or you can wear your own. Either way, we strongly advise bringing clothes to change into afterwards because you’ll probably be drenched.
  • Being naked at Urban Sweat is not allowed. Some people wear modest bathing suits but that is as minimal as we go. We don't suggest it because in Urban Sweat everyone is on the same body plane.
  • Speaking loudly, or unruly behavior is not permitted out of respect for our other clients in Urban Sweat. However, if you do come with a friend, speak quietly and be mindful of others. We want everyone to coexist and relax in peace and quiet.
  • We do not allow electronics in Urban Sweat
  • Urban Sweat is for adults over the age of 18.
  • Please avoid wearing heavy fragrances and perfumes; showers are available in the locker room if needed