Origin: India

Temperature: 90° - 120°F

Humidity:  40% (Created with a warm salt-water fogger) 

Active Ingredient:  18,000 lbs of Himalayan rock salt imported from Pakistan 

Himalayan salt is pure and found in the pristine mountains of the Himalayans. Crystallized more than 250 million years ago under high tectonic pressure, this rock is created free of toxins and pollutants to give the unique pink coloring. The salt is extracted manually so it stays in its natural state. It contains over 84 Trace minerals essential to the human body. The healing properties of Himalayan rock salt date back to 300 BC. It was recorded that it was used as a healing medicinal bath for muscular tension and bodily anxiety. 


Himalayan salt creates a negative ionization in the air, which counteracts electricity created by computers, cell phones and technology and other modern day devices. The salt clears the air and refreshes our energetic biorhythms creating a grounding tool for our body, mind and soul. Breathe deeply, rest soundly and enjoy the healing benefits of this unique healing arts room.

  • Improves respiratory systems, lung function of sinuses
  • Improves drainage for allergies (natural neti pot)
  • Provided essential minerals for skin conditions psoriasis and eczema
  • Decreases negative Ionization of the Lungs
  • Balances optimum PH levels of alkalinity and acidity to brain cells